Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Harlow Carr.Flowers and Butterflies

24 July 2013
"WARNING" This post will have allot of photos.
Map of Harlow Carr


Set of on yet another sunny morning,Harlow is only about 30 minuets from my house,and a lovely drive through the country side.Harlow is a very popular place for families,I would go early to get parked.The entrance fee is a little pricey but well worth it,take your own food and drink is the best advice,you can spend the whole day here.
 boxing willow hares
This time round they have made the most of what would have been just grass lawns,and changed them into Wild Flower beds.

Wild Flowers

With all these flowers came Butterflies and Bees.

Large White
Red Admiral
So many Butterflies,they were 
loving the purple flowers.

There are many "Themed " flower beds and gardens to suit all tastes. I am loving large pots.

Love the Orange wall


One of the main colours that stood out was purple and pinks,the insects seemed more attracted to these flowers.

While walking round the wooded side of the park were the new bird hide is I also spotted Orchids growing wild.

The main reason for to days visit was to see the Alpine gardens,they looked amazing,but after talking to someone she said I must visit in March/April as they are at there best then.

This set of photos are the Alpines in  concrete planters.

This set of photos shows Alpines used in walls as well as gardens.

The veg gardens also looked at there best.

In all a very nice day,there is so much to see well worth a visit at any time of the year.

Flower beds

Monday, 29 July 2013

Filey Brigg

Monday 22 July.

Had a trip to Filey Brig,a bit misty when we arrived but still warm.

Looking towards Filey
I was on the lookout for Sea birds and wild flowers that you find at the coast.
Sea Milkwort and Sea Plantain
I am fascinated by everything not just plants and animals,one of the other things (trust me there is more) is rocks! I would love to know what they are all called and how they are formed..this will have to go on my BIG LIST of things.
The sea has slowly been eroding the Brigg and has left the different rock exposed.

Rocks at shore line.
There were allot of family's walking towards the end of the Brigg and people out on the water,some were fishing.

Fishing Net
At the end of the Brigg the rock goes out into the sea,there were quite a few sea birds flying along the coast line.

Could be a Godwit 
Other birds,Cormorant,Herring Gull,Tern,Guillemot and Razorbill.

We could here people shouting there were Seal's swimming at the end of the Brigg,went to take a look and one did come right in,for all of to see.


Saw some Knot's which is a first for me.

Walked up the side of the Brigg as the sun came out,it was very hot. The flowers looked lovely on the hill side there were allot of Butterflies and insects.

Horay Plantain
At the top we sat for a while.There were some lads swimming in a rock pool on the sea edge.

You could also see the birds nesting on the cliff, as well as big groups of Gulls in the sea.

Then the mist rolled in and you could not see Filey at all. Walked along the top of the brig and found some  Orchids growing in one small patch.

                                               Pyramidal Orchid

Photos of the Brigg from the top,you can see how it is eroding away.

There was allot of Bees and Burnet flying about.

Six-spot Burnet


Back along the sea front and Fish and Chips for tea then a walk to the end of  Filey,it was a Grand day out as Gromit would say.

Filey sea front