Monday, 17 June 2013

Esholt walk

Sunday was a better day so went down the road to Esholt,  away from the village is a vast area owned by Yorkshire Water.

First through the Meadow field into a little wood, this brings you out in to a big area were there are old water storage areas which have now tuned back to nature.One is full of Willow trees and the other Bulrush, this is a good place for Warblers,Chiffcaffs,Coot,Moorhen,Heron and Lapwing.



A bit quiet on the birding to day and the ones that were about hard to see.
There is a good selection of wild flowers in this area as well.

Wild Rose



There is a range of areas and plants to see all kinds of habitats .

The paths are good to walk and at the bottom of the wood you can get onto the Leeds-Liverpool Canal.
Plenty of birds singing,could hear Pheasant,young Woodpeckers in the trees.
Esholt is also a good place for bike rides,you can go on the paths or the hardy can go in the wood.

This road takes you back to the Village,there are large tanks (filter beds),you can often see Grey Wagtails here,there can be allot and mean allot of swifts and Swallows here as well.

Old filter tank



Welsh Poppy orange

Broad-leaved Willowherb

Esholt Village



  1. Looks to have a been a good day on the field. Is Rhododendron encroachment much of a concern in this area?

    1. The Rhododendron are just on that one banking so they are ok,the real problem is Himalayan balsam it was every were,I really noticed it to day.