Sunday, 9 June 2013

Birding and flower hunting

Saturday 8th June was yet another sunny day,took a trip up to my home town (village) Langcliffe. Wanted to walk over the top of Craven rock.saw lots of flowers and a few new birds.


Willow warbler
Saw more birds to day but the best on had to be a Peregrine calling and flying round the quarry.
Also came across a Dear, in all the years I lived there I never saw one.

The views and the scenery was just breath taking.


Lime stone pavement 

Craven rock was a refuse cite when a was a kid, we played allot there and in the Lime kilns,you can read a bit more about it here, it is well worth a visit if you are in the area.

The photo is a bit shaky as it is so dark in here,which you don't realy get on this photo,and I still get the hiby-jibies going in..not liking it..

Some of the plans found to day.

Salad Burnet

Early Purple Orchid 


Water Avens (Billy's button)

Wild Strawberry 

Insect of the day.
Scorpion Fly
The only sad news of the day was the house i was born in and live for 21yr is now gone,the mill were we lived closed down many years ago and now it is all been flattened.

This is the river Ribble, we spent many a happy summer playing here as it was just at the bottom of our garden.


  1. Lovely Redstart Amanda and super scenic shots as well.