Monday, 8 April 2013

This Blog is for me to record my Birding adventures but I am happy to share them with you..

Started birdwatching a few years ago after a trip to Northumberland, the boys were older and did not need me as much and I was looking for some thing to do. I had started birdwatching years ago when there was no  internet to help you, most bird book differ so much in colour etc. if you didn't have some idea it could be very hard to know what you were looking at. The bird I clearly remember that stopped me the was the Dunnock! I had never heard of one growing up and it came as a great surprise, and at that time I could not tell the difference between that and a Sparrow, so birdwatching went on the back-burner.

The last year I haven't been out as much busy doing crafts and starting my first Blog on that subject,but the other day a flock of Waxwings came in the garden I was so happy photographing them all day it sparked birdwatching back in to life.
I have kept a good record of all my sightings and have hundreds of photos,I am a member of Birdwatching UK.

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