Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Park Photos


To day is much sunnier and the cold wind has gone.
Saw 1 Waxwing in the garden coming for a drink,all the other birds gathering nesting material.


  There was only one Redwing that I could see at the park to day

This is what i call the boggy bit! it is in the middle of the two park,there is a little stream that runs to the side of the Willow tree in the middle of the photos.the birds will gather here to drink,the grass in front can sometimes stay wet all year. The smaller birds can be found here as they use the Willow to hide in.

This photo is looking the other way, in this small coppice you also get the smaller birds but there is evidence the Woodpeckers have nested here at some point.

Great Tits 
From the small coppice round the corner you can follow a line of trees that run along the Beck,at the top end is were I saw the Nuthatch for the first time yesterday.I heard him calling again to day and there was a pair,looks like they are nesting in one of the trees near by.

This is the view the other way taking you down towards the all weather pitch,at this end you will find the bigger birds like the Jay and Woodpecker.

This is the bridge in the bottom that gets you over the beck .


This is the top end of the Beck that runs past the School,would love to live near so I could clean all the rubbish out!!!!
First Butterfly of the year a Small Tortoiseshell.

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