Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday Park Life

To day is sunny,cold and windy.

Pleased with the photos I got to day of the Nuthatch.

 Saw the Chiffchaff a few times but the camera would not focus on it as it is so small amongst the trees. No larger birds about to day and no sign of the Bullfinch.
Photo of the Coot nesting on the pond, in all a bit quiet.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Tuesday- Park Life

To day sunny,windy and a little cold out of the sun.
To day we saw Mr and Mrs Bullfinch, not a great photo,and the Chiffchaff is still not wanting it's photo taken.
Female Chaffinch



Wood anemones


Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday-Park Life

Back to being cold and gray to day at the park,trees taking some time to come into leaf and the place looks like winter.
Saturday saw a Blackcap but moved on before I could take a photo, and to day so gray was the light the photos not to good. A Song Thrush was in great voice and I think there is allot more Chiffchaff this year,could see the Jays but have not seen the Woodpecker for a few days. Have been putting nuts and seed out while times are hard,not much on in the middle of the day.
Song Thrush



Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Park update

Just a little note
Went to the park sunny but VERY windy, the air was filled with the song of the Chiffchaff to day, they are back, by the sound of it quite a few.
Not a good day for photos, also saw a Kestrel fly over and a Swallow.
Short walk had to be back at work
Fallen tree across the Beck

Small Tortoiseshell

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Eccup part Two

Red Kite
No new birds to day but I did see the Little Owl, so I was glad it had got through the winter. Did see over 40 different species to day but all in small numbers. Nice to see the Red Kite land on the post.



Long road



 Managed to get to Eccup this morning it was a bit misty to start with then the sun came out.
This is at the top end of the reservoir were the Water Works are.

Eccup Reservoir
Mother and young
There was about 5 Skylarks to day singing away, then I saw my first Swallow of the year,when I had walked all the way round there were a few more at the farm.
There were allot of Chaffinches here to day and Dunnocks.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Park Birds

Back at the Park to day I have put up one of my Bird feeders in the little Coppice Wood, weather it's right to do this I don't know,but while the weather is cold I thought it would not harm to put a little extra food out.
Blue Tit
Five minuets after hanging it up there was a Robin on the  feeder which looked a little odd as they do not usual feed of a feeder!
Nesting Material


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Park Photos


To day is much sunnier and the cold wind has gone.
Saw 1 Waxwing in the garden coming for a drink,all the other birds gathering nesting material.


  There was only one Redwing that I could see at the park to day

This is what i call the boggy bit! it is in the middle of the two park,there is a little stream that runs to the side of the Willow tree in the middle of the photos.the birds will gather here to drink,the grass in front can sometimes stay wet all year. The smaller birds can be found here as they use the Willow to hide in.

This photo is looking the other way, in this small coppice you also get the smaller birds but there is evidence the Woodpeckers have nested here at some point.

Great Tits 
From the small coppice round the corner you can follow a line of trees that run along the Beck,at the top end is were I saw the Nuthatch for the first time yesterday.I heard him calling again to day and there was a pair,looks like they are nesting in one of the trees near by.

This is the view the other way taking you down towards the all weather pitch,at this end you will find the bigger birds like the Jay and Woodpecker.

This is the bridge in the bottom that gets you over the beck .


This is the top end of the Beck that runs past the School,would love to live near so I could clean all the rubbish out!!!!
First Butterfly of the year a Small Tortoiseshell.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Park Birds

Went back over to the park again to day,a bit brighter but still very cold.
The first bird I encountered was a Nuthatch, I could hear him calling in the trees near the houses in the middle of the park.Managed to get a few photos and when I got home and checked it was a new "tick" for the park.
Walked along the tree line near the beck, spotted Wren, Great Tit, Robbin and Blue Tit, but no Great Spotted Woodpecker or Jay to day.
Back round at the boggy part of the park, I thought they were Thrush but turned out to be Redwing about 10 another first for the park,at the same spot were Greenfinch , Chaffinch, Wren, and Blue Tit.
Good outing

Park Birds


Park Birds at KIrk Lane Park and Nunroyed Park
Female Blackbird

Female Chaffinch

Stream running through park


Great Spotted Woodpecker


Garden Birds

List and photos of garden Birds

Collard Dove