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Started as a Hoverfly and ended up at a thistle....

After my trip to Adel church I called in at Golden acre park to see the flowers, a place I have visited many  times to photograph and feed the birds. During the summer months the large gardens are beautiful.
Golden acre park 12 July 2017

 The day was warm so there were plenty of insects, the black and white stripes of the hoverfly were stunning and it was quite large for a hoverfly when you are just used to seeing the small Marmalade hoverfly(Episyrphus balteatus) in your back garden. I was later to find out it is called Pied Hoverfly  (Scaeva pyrastri)
The hoverfly book came out when I got home, Iv'e had it a few years now and the photos are very good, but like any new subject from wildflowers to moths if you are new they all end up looking the same, so that's why it went back on the shelf. Well this year with the help of Twitter and UK Hoverflies on Facebook I am giving it a go.

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